Essentials of Supply Chain Management,. Michael H. Hugos

Essentials of Supply Chain Management,

ISBN: 0471776343, | 307 pages | 8 Mb

Essentials of Supply Chain Management, Michael H. Hugos
Publisher: Wiley

Long before Wal-Mart was optimizing its supply chain, Alexander the Great was achieving a competitive advantage through innovative management of supply. Take a listen to the podcast with Lora to hear her thoughts on the big data challenge, the intersection of supply chain management and contract life cycle management, and her upcoming book, Bricks Matter, for which she interviewed over 75 supply chain leaders. The well-structured, easy-to-read book ?Essentials of Supply Chain Management? Essentials of supply chain management. Align your supply chain with market demands. Michael Hugos Essentials of Supply Chain Management Discover what a supply chain is and how it works. So why then is the term “Supply Chain Management” relatively new? So what is the benefit of tracking inventory levels relative to customer demand? Before “Supply Chain Management”, companies tended to [1] Essentials of Supply Chain Management, by Michael Hugos. Most companies don't and even fewer know why it's such an essential aspect of proper supply chain management. Written by Michael Hugos is a perfect introduction into supply chain management. Utilize technology to boost efficiency and responsiveness. Supply chain management is a strategic method which maintains the supply chain process to satisfy the end user requirement. Essentials of Supply Chain Management.

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